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Double Strollers: A Definitive Buying Guide

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Double Stroller Buying Guide

Choosing an appropriate stroller for your baby should not be a as tedious task as buying a wedding dress for yourself. But it can be challenging at times. Couples who are yet to plan a family won’t understand this dilemma.

If you are hunting for an appropriate double stroller for your kids, I can correlate your situation to mine as I too searched for few weeks before I could finally purchase the right one. I put in all my research work, searched various double stroller websites online, compared stuff online and also went from store to store so that I could actually view some models physically. Considering it as an expensive product, I was looking for stuff with great endurance and long lasting quality. 

After weeks of thorough research, I shortlisted some basic features which were of utmost importance to me and finally bought a Double Stroller. This brought an end to my stroller search journey.

Being highly experienced thorough my stroller search journey, I would like to familiarize you with the various types of double strollers available in the market so that you are able to shortlist your search before buying the right double stroller for your kids.

Tandem Strollers

Tandem strollers are basically back to back strollers with one seat in front of the other. Tandem strollers are less in width and more in length. When in motion, they allow easy passage through narrow store aisles as compared to the side by side double strollers. However, children miss the comfort of sitting beside each other in tandem stroller.

Side by Side Double Strollers

The disadvantage of one is the advantage of other and vice versa. Side by side strollers let children enjoy the comfort of sitting next to each other during motion. However, these double strollers are comparatively wider than tandem or back to back stroller and can be difficult to drive at times during narrow or small spaces.

Sit and Stand Strollers

Sit and Stand strollers allow children to switch between standing and sitting positions. They are double strollers where the younger child can sit and the older one who now does not want to ride a stroller can stand. However, these strollers also allow both the children to be seated and buckled also. Sit and stand strollers are the most flexible ones available in the market and come with multiple accessories coupled with additional seating arrangements.

Jogging Strollers

Jogging double strollers come in both tandem and side by side models. Jogging strollers have 3 large wheels, 2 at the back and a single front wheel which allows for a smoother ride for your kids and an ease of pushing. This design of jogging strollers makes it conducive for mothers who wish to stay fit and stay in-shape.

Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers derive its name from the light shade which is fitted at the top of this double stroller to protect the children from sun or rain. These strollers are light in weight and very easy to handle. However these double strollers are basic models which are less likely to impress you as a buyer.

The type of double strollers you wish to purchase may ultimately be determined by a combination of all the features including the style you choose for the double stroller, the budget you have, the brand you wish to go for and the amount of space you wish to have in the stroller for your kids.